Connecting Malaysia’s
Startup Ecosystem

StartFund is a one-stop platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. Built by passionate ecosystem builders, our goal is to help create more Malaysian startups.

An overview of StartFund

StartFund is an ecosystem operator that aims to streamline the startup ecosystem by making it easier for entrepreneurs to access funding, resources, mentors, and talent. As a neutral third-party, we work with all the different stakeholders to eliminate silos, create efficiencies, and ultimately increase transparency.

Our approach centres around these 4 pillars.


Ecosystem Mapping

Databasing startups, investors, ecosystem builders, and mentors, while growing a tech entrepreneurship community.


Talent Sourcing

Providing a digital platform that helps startup founders better source early-stage talent for core teams.


Capability Development

Enhancing the knowledge, exposure, and skillsets of tech entrepreneurs early on in their startup journey.


Early-Stage Fundraising

Helping startup founders augment their first financing efforts as they seek to get their startup off the ground.

Join an ever-growing network of hustlers, founders, and investors, as we work towards turbocharging our startup ecosystem and launching the startups of tomorrow.

If you are interested in tech entrepreneurship, join our community so we can let you know everytime we add something new that can help you on your startup journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs.

If you’re thinking about starting your own startup, we will help you build a solid foundation to do so.

If you’re already running a startup, let us help you make those valuable connections to mentors, investors, partners, corporates, and government agencies.
Anyone actually.

Our platform is obviously catered towards digital, deep-tech, and science-based startups, but ultimately we are building a community of entrepreneurs. You may just be an observer today, but who knows if with the right exposure, you may be a startup founder tomorrow.
StartFund is run by a group of passionate ecosystem builders with decades of combined experience in entrepreneurship. We are passionate about the importance of increasing the number of startups in Malaysian.

This is a common question.

StartFund is an impact-enterprise focused on increasing the number of startups in Malaysia. However, we do need to be sustainable in terms of our operating costs. Right now, StartFund is bootstrapped by the founders. In time, we will be sustainable from partnership fees, training, and success-based fees.
We have a multi-pronged approach to this.

1. Databasing and mapping Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.
2. Providing pre-startup training for aspiring entrepreneurs.
3. Globalizing the local startup talent ecosystem.
4. Working with policymakers to create more incubators.
5. Creating more of the right connections for entrepreneurs.

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