StartFund is a one-stop startup platform that caters to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. Born out of the efforts of passionate startup ecosystem builders, StartFund is a bootstrapped effort that aims to increase the startup birth rate in Malaysia. Our core belief is that the key to turbocharging the Malaysian startup ecosystem is to dramatically increase the number of startups created every year.

To figure out how to create more startups in Malaysia, we went back to first principles. Startups are born when aspiring entrepreneurs are inspired to found a new business based on a new idea. Often this inspiration and the first bursts of knowledge comes from exposure to a vibrant startup ecosystem. Once the spark of an idea takes hold, founders require visibility and connectivity to mentors, talent, investors, and customers. StartFund aims to help these founders connect with relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem and help minimise the failure rate of early-stage startups.

StartFund is backed by a cohort of passionate startup ecosystem builders who believe that private sector can build startup communities and deliver value to our stakeholders—better, faster, and cheaper. Our platform can help entrepreneurs with visibility, access, and connectivity, all while being a social enterprise. A thriving startup ecosystem is a powerful engine of digital adoption for Malaysian companies, and helps futureproof our economy.
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